Having been a teacher for 20 years, I appreciate the stresses and strains of such a wonderful vocation.  Teachers often put themselves last on the list, and can pay the price through burn out and stress quickly piling up. 

The workshops I provide give staff practical and fast psycho education to re-evaluate the way that they approach their day, week, month and life, so that they can do the invaluable work that they do whilst ensuring that self-care is at the top of their list. 

A happy teacher is a much better practitioner, a better colleague, parent and friend. 

My programmes are bespoke for your school and will be written based on your needs. They are based on cutting edge Human Givens  psychological research, and NLP techniques, using visualisation and tips from my recently published book, 'The Pocketbook of Positivity and Reframing'. 


Why not invest in your staff today in a dynamic and outward- looking way?