What is your exercise plan this week?

In this current climate exercise is even more important for our physical and mental health.  A problem that is lingering in our minds can be reduced or solved by a quick walk, run, swim or whatever sporting activity fits in with your day.  As you exercise, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine are released as chemicals into the brain. These chemicals enable you to feel happier and give you the ability to problem solve better and have a clearer mind.  When we exercise we become a better version of ourselves, our relationships generally improve and we can deal with the stresses and worries of the day in a lighter and more productive way.  What is your exercise routine for the next few days, weeks and months ahead? 

Every day this week you will see a quotation from an influential person about the power of exercise. Thanks so much for the contribution Jamie!

Jamie Carragher: former footballer for Liverpool and England: “The true benefits of exercise for me since I stopped playing football is the mental side more than the physical side of exercise. It gives you goals, you feel fresher & I use it as something to work around for the rest of the day. Nothing comes before the gym!

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