Ever thought coaching? Like, what the heck is that??

About three years ago on a dark Wednesday evening I arrived to a function room in Liverpool where there was an introduction to ‘coaching’, like what was coaching?? Was it some crazy stuff where people were going to brain wash me or would I be kidnapped and never seen again? What if someone found out I was there, would they think I had lost the plot? Yes, I had a very busy mind full of thoughts, fears and worries but by God I wanted change. I wanted to feel more confident and happier in my own skin and speak to myself nicer and to stop feeling that tightness in my throat and chest, which someone said might be anxiety. Like what is that and how do you get rid of it? I’m sure nobody else felt that way, everyone else seemed to have this life thing sussed out! Plus what right did I have to feel this way when I had a lovely family and friends, yet I felt disconnected from me.

Little did I know that was the best night of my life in years. George and Julie, the hosts, were hilarious! As soon as I arrived I got a cup of tea and starting chatting to lots of people, who seemed normal. I didn’t feel like I was going to be kidnapped and swept away but to be honest the craic was so good I didn’t even notice the time. George told stories and got us to visualise what life might be like if we stopped worrying, if we removed fears of what others thought and took away limitations. I let myself dream a little, laugh a little and considered the steps I would have to take to get there. The hours flew by and then it was over. George and Julie even gave me a lift home as they are actually my neighbours!! What were the chances and George’s Mam is from Belfast and knew all the places I have lived when I was in Queen’s Uni.

I signed up for the next session quickly and the one after and I started to notice small changes happening. Was it magic or had I simply just changed the way I was thinking about stuff?

About 18 months later George and Julie were running their training for those who would like to become a coach. Wow, should I, could I, hey why not?? I would have never said that three years ago. Not a chance!!

My interest in the mind was always there and as a Sociologist and a Theologian, the power of words always fascinated me so while starting my coaching training (as if I ever thought I’d be saying that), I also started my psychotherapy training and mindfulness training. I’ve been a farmer’s daughter forever so the power of hard work has been drummed into me, for which I’m so grateful.

So, the weeks and months ticked along, while working full time I did all my training in the evenings, weekends, whenever I could. Knowing that I was making changes first and foremost for me and then others would benefit. I was starting to become my own best friend first. I finally had the language to explain what I had been feeling and guess what, lots of others felt just like me? It wasn’t just me as I had previously thought.

Three years on, I feel so different. I feel like me. And I really like me. Am I perfect, no way, and would I want to be, no way!

Do I have tools? Yes. Do I know how to deal with negative thinking? Yes. Do I know how to get confidence? Yes. Do I know how to feel peaceful? Yes. Do I know how to say no? Yes.

And then the best thing of all happened. People started to ask to work with me. I heard the stories of so many people who felt like me on that dark, winter Wednesday night and I felt such joy that I could help them to start dreaming, visualising and changing. To become their own best friend. To understand emotions like rage and depression or anxiety.

If this is how you are feeling, would like change and think I might be the person for you, here is the process:

20 mins consultation on the phone to explain how you feel, have a chat, a giggle. See if I am right for you and you are right for me. There is nothing to be afraid of, I promise. Although, I totally get if this is nerve wrecking for you.

I work on an 8 sessions basis. You can’t really get to know someone’s story in an hour so I dedicate 8 to you.

Agree on a time slot, most people like the same time every week, where they have privacy to say whatever they want with nobody else around listening.

We use visualisation, meditation, chat, laugh and then I always give a homework. Something to practise until the next session.

  1. Book your 20 mins slot. Message me, DM, whatever your thing is.

  2. Book the 8 week slot

  3. I have payment plans if money is worrying you.

  4. Start the changes, learn all about you and your story

  5. Change for the better.

Confidentiality is high on my priority list. If you know me and I know you, what you say to me is private. The only person that will tell others about our conversations is you, if you choose to.

Forward any questions or queries you may have.

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