Individual Coaching

The first step to change is the one you have just made  - finding someone to help you move forward. This is an exciting and creative moment where you can firstly start to dream, without limitations. To make real change there must be a strong desire and it must come from you!


If you are interested in coaching, I strongly recommend booking a free 20-minute consultation session to see if we are right for each other.  If we are happy to proceed then you can choose to purchase any of my exciting packages below.   

Change work and coaching is exciting and invites you to really look inside and to imagine what would happen if you had no fear! From that first session you can truly begin to explore and visualise what your life could look like.  This is also a key opportunity to unpick what is holding you back, why are you not living the life that you want to live today?  We will use a variety of NLP tools including visualisation and fast- acting change work.  It is fun; clients generally laugh a lot in my session as change is uplifting even though it might seem daunting!.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Free Consultation

    Find out if coaching is for you with this 20-minute chat
    Valid for 3 months
    • Platinum Package

      8 * Sessions
      Valid for 8 weeks
      • - Moving forward in your life
      • - Discovering your goals and how to get there
      • - Discovering the language that we use about ourselves
      • - Relationships and changing patterns
      • - Exploring limiting beliefs
      • - The Human Givens
      • - The psychology of understanding our thinking processes
      • - Relationships and changing patterns
      • - Undoing thought patterns
      • - Manifesting our thought patterns
    • Silver Membership

      Every month
      Valid for 12 months
      • Teachings plus webinars
    • Gold Membership

      Every month
      12 months Gold Membership
      Valid for 12 months
      • Teachings, webinars, newsletters, access to training courses
    • Platinum Membership

      Every month
      Valid for 12 months
      • Gold + 1 monthly one to one coaching session


    Big dreams don’t have to belong to someone else, they can belong to you with just a few simple yet expert changes.  



    I just wanted to say how amazing your coaching services were for me. They truly helped me prepare for my job interview, and I believe that the strategies that you spoke to me about really helped me to secure that interview.  It really helped me to relax and remove any stresses or anxious feelings that I was experiencing.  the coaching session that we had really helped me to believe in my self and I felt really motivated for the upcoming job interview


    Pauline was able to unleash my abilities in ways that I felt comfortable and empowered.  She was friendly, skilled and open to discuss things that enabled me to learn from my past and therefore help my future. She also recommended books and gave me words of encouragement.


    Thank, you Pauline for your time, its truly appreciated. Id highly recommend her.


    Thank you for helping me gain more confidence.  I felt really positive and empowered after our conversation