Please see below the package you require. I'm excited to have you onboard.

I just wanted to say how amazing your coaching services were for me. They truly helped me prepare for my job interview, and I believe that the strategies that you spoke to me about really helped me to secure that interview.  Firstly, I done the 7 minute meditation the night before my interview and the morning of as well. It really helped me to relax and remove any stresses or anxious feelings that I was experiencing.

Also, the coaching session that we had really helped me to believe in my self and I felt really motivated for the upcoming job interview. This was due to the visualisation that we done where I visualised that the job I wanted was mine and how I would feel when I was told that the job was mine. I captured the feeling by pushing my thumb and index finger together. Just before my interview began, I pushed my thumb and finger together again and that feeling that I felt during the session came back. It prepared me and put me in the right mindset of positivity for the interview.