Developing a positive mindset for all of life's challenges.


How you ever felt lost, stuck and unsure of your direction? Would you really like someone to help you discover who you are again? To help you reconnect with your identity and help you really explore what will help you love you as your own best friend?

Too often people put themselves at the bottom of the list and after they have cared for everyone else, they have nothing left to give to themselves.

Coaching is such an empowering tool, allowing you to feel clear on who you are, what you want, identify what is holding you back and equipping you with the tools to get there! My services remind you that ‘putting on your own oxygen mask first’ is not selfish, but the most selfless thing that you can do! Coaching helps you to remove the fear and self-doubt that may be swirling around in your head combined with the negative dialogue that has possibly become your soundtrack.


I am a qualified NLP Life Coach, an author, a mindfulness coach and I am well on my way to being a Human Givens Psychotherapist. As a teacher for the last twenty years I have worked with people from all different backgrounds and I peel things back to create a simple formula for happiness. I would be delighted to help you find your inner potential, to kick away all those excuses and negative self-talk and get the life that you want today!!!

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Are you ready to invest in you?

Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to negative thinking? Do you use language about yourself that you would never dare say to your friends? Would you like someone to help you redress your thinking, create a positive mindset and help you to signpost the next chapter of your life, with you in the driving seat?


Exceptional Achievement

Teachers often put themselves last on the list and can pay the price through burn out and stress quickly piling up. 

I provide workshops that give staff practical and fast psycho education to re-evaluate the way that they approach their day, week, month and life, so that they can do the invaluable work that they do whilst ensuring that self-care is at the top of their list.

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Positive Employee Mindset

Programmes are bespoke and designed to meet the individual needs of your business.  Sessions are based on cutting edge psychological research, NLP techniques using visualisation and tips from my recently published book 'The Pocketbook of Positivity and Reframing'.



"Pauline is a breath of fresh air! Her kind and caring nature allows you to feel very comfortable in her presence and her passion and knowledge for what she does shines out.  I always look forward to my time with Pauline as I always come away feeling uplifted and inspired. "


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