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My name is Pauline Ronan. I provide brief effective therapy that focuses on achieving emotional balance. You walk away with the knowledge of how to become your best self so you can live a life you love again.

I cover all areas of counselling and coaching, including working with those who are anxious, tense and stressed or people who have gone through something pretty traumatic. Don't let anxiety or panic attacks spoil your life. If you are feeling panic inside or not as capable as others may think you are, it's time to change that. I work with adults and teenagers. 

Why not address anything holding you back today, and start to live your life exactly as you would like it?



About: Pauline Ronan

Following a successful 20-year career in high school education, Pauline qualified as a NLP practitioner, is a cognitive behavioural therapist and has completed her Human Givens Psychotherapy part 2 and has now got trainee status. She set up her own private practice to help people move forward quickly. 


Pauline noticed how anxiety, anger and depression was on the rise yet not everyone knew how to deal with it effectively. It was having a big impact on their relationships, their work and sleep. Pauline completed her Human Givens Psychotherapy Diploma training which uses  a variety of cutting edge world-renowned psychological techniques to treat anxiety, depression, and anger quickly.


Pauline works with individuals, small groups, and large audiences and is the author of 'The Pocketbook of Positivity and Reframing'.



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Are you ready to invest in you?

Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to negative thinking? Do you use language about yourself that you would never dare say to your friends? Would you like someone to help you redress your thinking, create a positive mindset and help you to signpost the next chapter of your life, with you in the driving seat?


Exceptional Achievement

Teachers often put themselves last on the list and can pay the price through burn out and stress quickly piling up. 

I provide workshops that give staff practical and fast psycho education to re-evaluate the way that they approach their day, week, month and life, so that they can do the invaluable work that they do whilst ensuring that self-care is at the top of their list.


Positive Employee Mindset

Programmes are bespoke and designed to meet the individual needs of your business. 


Sessions are based on cutting edge psychological research, NLP techniques using visualisation and tips from my recently published book 'The Pocketbook of Positivity and Reframing'.

Confetti Girl

Member of the Liverpool Irish Centre

I have had so much support from you this year Pauline that I have found the courage to keep going and move on in life

Headteacher who uses ALPSIT Assemble every day

I really enjoy the daily morsels of wellbeing advice from Pauline Ronan, I also forward them to my wife

Member of the Liverpool Irish Centre

Pauline, you helped me to find me again

Director CRG Tech

Since working with Pauline over the last few weeks, I’ve been educated in numerous activities that can help me to introduce a focus on my mental wellbeing alongside the physical activities that I already had as part of my routine.  As the exercises were simple to follow and took very little time to go through, they were easy to introduce to my daily routine and I now include at least one session per day. The impact these sessions have had means I now hold them on equal par to the physical sessions I do and get a similar “feel good” sensation that you get after a run or work out.  I also feel those people close to me have seen a change from the person who would usually fall over the finish line from the working week to someone who has more energy and balance.  

Employee at Carpenters Solicitors

I joined the very first positive mental session led by Pauline back in July 2020 and I was hooked from that session onwards! Meditation was something I had heard about and liked the idea of but never really looked further into, so I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing I found it and I now look forward to the monthly Zoom meetings. My role can get quite busy at times so learning these new techniques really helps me unwind at the end of my working day. I've also downloaded and subscribed to the Headspace app further to a recommendation by Pauline, which I'm really enjoying using. A big thank you to Pauline for leading the sessions, I already can't wait for the next one

Teenage Pupil

I have been having counselling for the last 6 months and one session with you was better than anything I have had before. Thanks so much.